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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Action Research Plan

Action Planning Template-Maria Regalado
Goal: To find out if students perform better academically with the implementation of a multiple grade-level departmentalization model.
Action Steps(s):
Person(s) Responsible:
Timeline: Start/End
Needed Resources

Survey teachers on my campus about how they feel about this model.  Survey other teachers in another campus that implemented this model campus wide this school year.

Maria Regalado
Wendy Williams-Principal and Site Supervisor
February 2013
Online Survey such as Survey Monkey.
Compare results with the results of the two teachers that are piloting this model this school year.

Decide which teachers and grade levels to follow/research from other campus.  Will definitely research and follow the two teachers participating on my campus.
Decide on other methods of receiving and analyzing data.
Maria Regalado
Laura Ledbetter-colleague
Rebekah Jones-colleague
Principal and Site Supervisor, Wendy Williams
Assistant Principal, Jo Morast
March 2013
Permission or approval required from other campus’ principal.
Survey-for other campus teachers
I will choose grade levels that are administering STAAR tests as well as grade levels that are not. The two teachers on my campus are doing 2nd and 3rd grades. So they both are dealing with a STAAR grade level and one non-STAAR grade level.

Begin collecting data on students on my campus.  Teachers and administrators will provide results from Benchmarks, Curriculum-Based Assessments and I-Station.

Maria Regalado
Laura Ledbetter
Rebekah Jones
March 2013-April 2013
Printouts from class summary reports from various tests and diagnostic measures.
Using the various summary reports, decide any specific areas/subjects to research and follow.
Continue analyzing data from the participating classrooms. Analyze data and interview participating teachers to discuss any other issues or feelings that have come up now that STAAR test is about to be administered. 

Maria Regalado
Laura Ledbetter
Rebekah Jones
April  2013
Interviews from teachers and possible surveys if needed using Survey Monkey.
Student interviews and conversations.
How is this model affecting teacher feelings as the STAAR test is nearing administration? Have students voiced any concerns?
Compare STAAR results of students in the departmentalized model and the results of the students in the traditional classroom setting if the results are available at this time.
Maria Regalado
Laura Ledbetter
Rebekah Jones
May 2013-June 2013
STAAR Results
Analyze and document results from STAAR.  Are there measurable differences in the findings?

Provide a questionnaire for students and their parents that participated in the departmentalization model.
Maria Regalado
May 2013
Compare parents and student views/feelings on this model.
Plan strategies for long term research since this model will more than likely be implemented on a larger scale or even campus wide for the 2013-2014 academic school year.

Maria Regalado
June 2013-July 2013
Results from surveys and interviews.
Classroom summary results.
Compare pros and cons of this model.  What adjustments could be made before implementing campus wide?


  1. Maria, I think this is a great research plan especially if your campus is going to follow the model campus wide next year. It will be so beneficial to look at the data this year & be able to see the pros and cons, and what adjustments should be made before going campus wide. Great job!

  2. I would love to know more details about this plan! I think it could be useful in my district. Looking forward to learning more from you and your data :)

  3. I will be interested in following your research. I have seen this at previous schools that I have been at. It worked great at our school. It was only done at the first/second grade levels. Something that concerns me though, is if a student gets with a teacher with whom they clash with, it would not be good for anyone involved, ie. teacher, student, parents, administrators. I think maybe some type of plan could be implemented for the very, very small percentage of students that may fit this criteria. Even though it is a small percentage I think every student counts! Would love a comment on mine :) Good work, Maria!