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Sunday, January 20, 2013

     Educational Leaders can use blogs in a variety of ways.  Since there is usually one principal on campus, it is sometimes difficult to get feedback from other administrators right away.  Blogs can be a quick and easy method of connecting with one another.
     Leaders can also post various problems and ask for feedback on how to deal with a certain situation.  Also, they can use previous posts from themselves or others to recall what solutions worked and which ones were a waste of time.  Blogs can be another perspective for dealing with a situation.  Sometimes leaders can forget to think out of the box and try something completely unheard of to solve a problem, but it may have been successful with somebody else.


  1. Maria, I agree it can be difficult to get feedback from administrators in a timely fashion due to their overwhelming schedule. I think your idea of using the blog to elicit feedback is a good one.

  2. Blogs used for feedback on issues, great idea. Surveys can be so time consuming and this could get to the heart of the problem quicker. Nice.